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Southern States Show & Sale JUNE 27-29, 2004

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Southern States Sale Catalog (rev. 6/25/2024 3:30 CST)

Proposed Scrapie Amendment in Texas

Critical Change to Texas' Importation of Breeding Sheep -
Please read and comment or contact Karla for additional information.

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The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has proposed a significant amendment to the entry requirements for sheep, as it pertains to scrapies.

There is an open comment timeframe from now until JULY 14, 2024. This change requires that all female breeding sheep and crossbred female breeding sheep originate from an Export Certified Flock or have documentation supporting that the animals are of the genotype RR at codon 171 or AA at codon 136 and QR at codon 171.

This ruling affects Texas breeders when importing breeding ewes, but it also affects the ENTIRE SHEEP INDUSTRY as it prevents breeders from outside the state to sell breeding ewes into TX without meeting the requirements stated above. This will require seedstock producers who sell to Texas to become certified free or to perform genetic testing on each animal.

The economic impact on the sheep industry will be substantial and this must be stopped before it gains momentum. We know you are all busy, but this is a threat to our livelihood and our industry. Please take a moment to comment before July 14.

Comments may be submitted to Amanda Bernhard, Texas Animal Health Commission by mail at 2105 Kramer Lane, Austin, Texas 78758 or by email to

We are asking that ALL members of the American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society actively challenge this amendment by using the followingProposed Rule talking points

The proposed amendment cannot be passed. We have to act now.

The following talking points are endorsed by the Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association. I have been in communication with the TSGRA and with other sheep registries. This is a coordinated effort.


National Show & Sale Results

Ultrasound Data

Fall-born lambs at Duncan were recently evaluated for rib-eye Area, loin depth and back fat. The information was been extremely valuable as we begin to build a data set that demonstrates the Dorper's and White Dorper's meat quality. A full write-up will be available in the next Dorper Report. However, the data, with full analyzation, is cataloged here for your review.

Ultrasound Report

Numbers for the 2024 National Show & Sale are now posted.

Sale Numbers

2024 Duncan Sale Reports_Individual Sales


Annual Meeting to be Held in Duncan

The annual meeting was held in Duncan on April 18, 2024. 

Annual packet

Sire Progeny Test Open for Consignments

Texas A&M AgriLife Dorper/ White Dorper Progeny Test is accepting applications for the sire progeny test. This testing will provide performance records captured, including (but not limited to) weaning and post weaning weights, fecal egg counts following a feedlot-based artificial parasite challenge, carcass data both live (via ultrasound) and actual harvest/meat quality data and lifetime reproductive performance of ewe lambs. 

If you are interested in submitting an application or would like more information, please refer to the links below or call your Board of Director or the Executive Director.

Test Summary     Application

Dorper School Dates Set

A Dorper Course & Judges Certification will be held May 13-16, 2024 in Hutchinson, Kansas. The dates will lead up to the Sunflower Classic Show & Sale. Registration is open and will be open until April 20. At that time, if there are not enough participants in the course, it will be cancelled and/or rescheduled. Please be sure that you register quickly so we can make this a success!

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