Sheep for Sale

Berne, New York

Registered Fullblood and Purebred White Dorpers bred for form and function.

From -20F to 100F, our beautiful sheep are pasture-raised on grass. What you see in the show ring is what we took out of our pastures. We are offering small starter flocks to new and existing breeders of White Dorpers. Flock 54 enrolled, Vaccinated, dewormed, DNA, electronic weight gains. Our sheep are bred to work for you!

Emily Vincent
(707) 364-7547


East Jordan, Michigan

Hardy, docile and healthy Purebred Dorper ewe lambs. (4-5 available).  3 months of age.  $500 each. (Can be registered upon request.)

2024 twins, born January 30-March 6. Our small flock is well-managed and have excellent growth
on hay and meager Northern Michigan pasture. Vaccinated, dewormed and accustomed to
handling and to electric fencing. Priced to sell for farms looking to start or expand with strong and
correct young ewes

Lea Ann Elliott
(231) 350-8897

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