A Visit to an Idaho Sheep Ranch by Mary Kuskie

Abigail, age 14, was excited but a bit anxious about her Christmas break weekend visit to Lazy J Bed and Breakfast, Indian Valley, Idaho.

She loved sheep and had always been interested in them. But she had never spent a lot of time up close to a large group and she was also a bit apprehensive about the dogs that she knew would be around.

Well, all that changed. It was a bit slow at first, especially after the rambunctious greeting from Thor and Storm, Judi’s beautiful Great Pyrenees. However, Judi did a wonderful job and gently encouraged Abigail to get to know the dogs and the sheep, and then to just get right in there with the lambs and get some chores done! Abigail, always one to politely do what she is told, was a bit wide-eyed at first and wanted to be sure she was doing everything correctly.

What a pleasure to watch her relax and gain confidence, under Judi’s expert guidance, all the while learning so much about the whole process of raising Dorpers.

By the next morning Abigail was up and ready to go at it again, to learn more and do more with more confidence and joy. What a terrific weekend!